『GIRLS GONE WILD』ダンスプラクティスムービー公開!

新曲『GIRLS GONE WILD』ダンスプラクティスムービー公開されました!
今回の振り付けは前作に引き続き、BoA、SHINee、超新星といった国外アーティストのツアーダンサーや振り付を多数手がけ、自身のダンス動画もYouTubeで210 万再生を超えるなど活躍著しい (RIKIMARU) が担当。 バナレモ史上最も筋力と体力を使った作品となりました!メンバーの鍛えられたボディラインも注目!
“GIRLS GONE WILD”Dance Practice Movie URL is here▷https://youtu.be/kyDsT_RpUag
The choreography of the dance has worked on a number of artists such as BoA, SHINee, supernova and his own dance animations are also active (RIKIMARU) which is active over 2.1 million playbacks on YouTube.Also pay attention to the trained body of BANANALEMON!
Performed by BANANALEMON
Song written & produced by STY
Recorded by Gregory Germain @ DCH STUDIO
Mixed by D.O.I @ Daimonion Recordings
Mastered by Aya Merrill @ STERLING SOUND
Choreographed by RIKIMARU CHIKADA
Video filmed and directed by Taku Ohmoto